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Governments can Apply for STRUCTURED FUNDING FOR YOUR HUMANITARIAN AND INFRASTRUCTURAL PROJECTS: While many projects may provide exceptionally powerful benefits, restrictions in budget can often times impede the development of many worthwhile projects. ACTLAP introduces our commitment to Sustainable Process for Sustainable Projects mandates that we maintain funding platforms capable of satisfying the varying financial requirements of our funding projects. In addition to our own internal funding programs we maintain a pool of funding partners with global funding expertise and capability.

Funding partners represented by ACTLAP is interested in investing in Nigeria and other developing countries.  Our intent is to empower projects with the resources required to allow for expedient and effective build out of projects. Contact us for more details


Consultancy Services for All Nigeria States and Federal Government Services.

e.g. Solar Street lights, Water Purification Systems etc.

Works with GSM & WCDMA
ACTLAP iTab 7" & 4.5"
3G/WCDMA + Bluetooth + Dual Camera

Consultancy for Medical and Laboratory Services, including procurements of Hospitals, Clinics, Medical, forensic and Nursing Educational Laboratory equipments.

Design, Consultancy, Monitoring, Training and Establishment of Electronic Medical records (EMR) for Small, Medium and Large scale establishments.

Being resourceful, ACTLAP will do the job cheaper with best quality.

ACTLAP designed the best recruiting methods to Recruiting Students from African Countries.  ACTLAP continue to design programs that will get Student into Centennial college and partner Universities in Canada. Contact us to find out how you can Come Study and Work in Canada. After 2 years of good grades & continuous study, you will be automatically be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence Status.

Contact us to find out how you can obtain a Permanent Resident VISA that leads to Getting a Canadian Citizenship and Canadian Passports for you and your entire immediate Family.