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ACTLAP Products & Services

  1. Computer Education in Public Schools
  2. Student Recruitments (Including Admission and VISA processing)
  3. Medical Informatics
  4. Corporate Training and Education
  5. Computer for ACTLAP Initiative
  6. Software Development
  7. Computer Literacy
  8. African Showcase
  9. Youth Empowerment Program
  13. ACTLAP COMPUTERS (Production of PCs, Laptops and Peripherals)
  14. ACTLAP Microsoft Refurbisher's Program (Authorized Access to all Microsoft Software)
  15. Educational, Medical and Laboratories Equipment supplies.
  16. Streets and Roadways Lighting from CONXCORP Canada

ACTLAP Inc. is an umbrella For-Profit Corporation with two Canadian NGOs (ACTLAP FOUNDATION AND ACTLAP CHILDREN'S INITIATIVE).

ACTLAP LIMITED – Nigeria, is a subsidiary of ACTLAP, a Canadian Company specialized in the consultation, procurement, development, management and services in the area of Technology, Equipment, instrumentations and design of Scientific, Forensic and Research Initiatives.

ACTLAP is the legal partner, the single point of contact and Representative for CONXCORP in Nigeria and the Africa Continent. CONXCORP, Established in 1998, CONXCORP is an organization of experts, specialists, investors, solutions providers, manufacturers and stakeholder partners who are driven by the objective of providing sustainable environmental, commerce and infrastructure solutions for developed and developing countries . In this case the provision of Streets and Roadways Lighting

ACTLAP partnership with company, such as, Hearts and Minds to establish a consortium, GREAT CITY POWER (GCP), is a testament that the company has position itself to the Energy, Power, Oil and Gas problems in African countries like Nigeria, Angola, Ghana etc. GCP plans to work along sides with ACTLAP to introduce CONXCORP Canada LED Street and Roadway Lighting to include alternative, independent Captive Power supplies for the Streets and Roadways Lights.


ACTLAP is the sole representative in Nigeria/Africa to Centennial College. Centennial College, a government funded college in Toronto and ACTLAP with offices in Nigeria have partnered to present proposals in Nigeria. In addition, His Excellency Ambassador Hagher, the Nigerian Ambassador to Canada, is a strong supporter of both our organizations.

ACTLAP has an establish working relationship with several institutions, organizations and states in Nigeria through it’s 7 office Locations in Abuja, Ogba-Lagos, Yaba-Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Owerri and Makurdi. ACTLAP Inc. has demonstrated it’s ability to develop and initiate projects and programs in existing major Federal University such as the University of Jos, National Film Institute-Jos and other state University like Edo State`s Ambrose Alli University.

ACTLAP have introduced EMR and Police Reform projects with the Nigerian Government which has gained extraordinary attention base on the willingness of the Nigerian Government to move Nigeria into the 2020-20 agenda. This includes the establishment of the Electronic Medical Records for all Federal Hospital which will encourage State run Hospitals to follow and the Capacity Building for the at all Police Training Colleges of the Nigerian Police and the establishment of a State-Of-The-Art Forensic Lab.

ACTLAP has a great working relationship with the University of Jos to establish a multidisciplinary State-Of-The-Art Scientific Laboratories and the National Film Institute to Establish Film and Animation programs from Canada to train youth.  To identify with the World Bank initiative of the centre of excellence, the University of Jos and the National Film Institute are poised to take the Science and Technology as it relates to the Environmental protection & prevention, Film and Animation to a whole new level.