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ACTLAP – has it’s corporate Headquarters Located in Mississauga, part of the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. ACTLAP was established in 1995 by a Nigerian-Canadian Individual who believe that our future will be best determined by how well we us the technological tool to bridge the gap between us in order to educate Youth, Men and Women in Canada and Africa, specifically Nigeria. ACTLAP has specific outreach programs in 4 Regions of Nigeria, Wa in Ghana and Kampala – Uganda, SINKOU Management Computer Project in Dakar, Senegal, as well as projects and programs developed to help alleviate poverty by eliminating illiteracy in Computer and Technology, Information Technology (IT), Internet and communications; and provides assistance and other basic needs to children and their families in African Developing countries.

Programs and Projects

Police Reform: We took the first step to bring in 2 officers of the Toronto Police to work with us on NEEDS ANALYSIS at various Police Training Colleges in Nigeria. This is a small piece of the entire Police Reform.

University of Jos: The Centre of Excellence was a contact lead from the Assistant to the office of the Canadian Trade Commissioner at the CDHC in Lagos. As part of the criteria, Centennial collaborated to put together proposal for the World Bank Funding. With several meetings to combine the NATIONAL FILM INSTITUTE – JOS; UNIVERSITY OF JOS – JOS and UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS. This Make ACTLAP – Centennial the only foreign partner with a signed contract with the project. A contract for the supply of Laboratory Equipment have been signed and approved by the University award board.

EMR: ACTLAP designed the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project based on the Canadian standard of Electronic Medical informatics. This is a combined consultation and the complete structure and setup in 2 Pilot Hospitals in FCT, Abuja to be rolled out to the entire country.

Ambrose Ali University (AAU): A 2-2 or 1-2-1 Program for the collaboration of partnership between Centennial College and AAU. This means Students will enrol into a specified program and will spend either 1 or 2 year in Nigeria at AAU and finish in Canada at Centennial College. This is to commence by 1st quarter of 2011.

International Education Fund (IEF): Collaborative Scholarship programs funded by States Governments and Large Corporations (Single or in combination) to bring high potential Nigerian students to Centennial College. ACTLAP have compiled list of State Governor who are interested in the Scholarship program for their state to send Potential Graduating student to further engage in a more Skilled, hands-on education at Centennial College in other to return home to engage in their respective state government initiatives and Job creation Program.

 Zamfara and Edo State Literacy programs: With the study for the Zamfara State, ACTLAP designed a Computer Education in 14 Local Government Area.