Supports and Membership

Supporting ACTLAP makes sense for many good reasons. However, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that result from being a supporter. In return for your support you can expect:

* To gain goodwill and recognition for you and your group or organization through the use of the ACTLAP logo and support tag lines on letterhead and in advertising your support of this worthwhile campaign to clients, associates and the general public.

The opportunity to turn our youth who see themselves as a liability into a valuable resource for ACTLAP Literacy and Awareness initiatives.

The assurance of contributing to a nationally and internationally recognized initiative with legitimate quality standards. 

The Program adds value to your activities and portfolio and ACTLAP ensuring you that every support provided to ACTLAP will be "Life-change worthy."

Your participation and contribution is supporting ACTLAP's Training Program, a Program that assures equitable distribution of resources to participants at the ACTLAP Training Centres, Local Schools and public libraries in these areas.

International, State, Provincial and/or national recognition of yourself, Groups, company as a "Supporter of ACTLAP Programs".

A Donation receipt is available for your donation, if required.

What you get: Yearly Membership card for program Participant, Membership Certificate for member and Associate members, Letter of reference as required, updates etc.

To Join and support our Programs & Projects Simply send us an email at

ACTLAP membership approach ( Members First)

Project Support is $10/Month for a minimum period of 6 Months

ACTLAP Offers a chance to get enrolment and application process completed for entry into any Canadian Universities, with special introduction to our ACTLAP Computer Science Program with Departments at Canadian Universities. Contact us to find out.

ACTLAP offers all members a chance to participate on all of ACTLAP's programs and events  and a chance to attend all ACTLAP conferences and meetings by enrolments. All ACTLAP facilities is made available to all members. As new Technology emerges ACTLAP is committed in providing information, Tech Support and make equipments available to all members.