National Computer Leasing Programme (NCLP-Nigeria)

ACTLAP Nigeria launched an extensive programme of acquisition of computers against the Nigerian computer-savvy, in order to respond positively to the challenges imposed upon them.

With a view to actively participate in the Microsoft (MAR) Program software tool, ACTLAP pledged to facilitate the acquisition of computer at relatively low cost and payment terms very flexible.

With the following products:

Product 1

Product 2

Product 3

Product 4
Product (P Duo Core/Core2Duo or More)
Product (TBD)

The program is as follows:

  1. Phase Subscription:

    As the first phase of the program, the subscription is to the creation of a dossier with the subscription payment guarantees to be provided to the subscriber and be part of the program.
    The purchase amounts is determined (in Dollars or Naira). The customer must also provide some Identification, an irrevocable transfer order of stipends or a debit authorization wages, as directed by ACTLAP from time to time.
    The customer receives a detailed underwriting in due form with the general sales conditions of the program.

  2. Delivery of Product:

    After validation of the subscription, ACTLAP will proceed with the order and then the product is shipped as chosen by the subscriber
    And it is only after product is received that the customer starts to pay off it's/his/her computer every month TBD.

  3. Warranty and Service After Sales:

    Any equipment delivered is under warranty (see Data Sheet) and ACTLAP has established an efficient after-sales service to accompany the acquisition program of computers.

  4. How to subscribe:
    (Contact Us)