Study in Canada

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It is a very exciting thing to get involved with ACTLAP school Program.
When ACTLAP started recruiting student from Nigeria for the September 2003 semester to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, the first few students had their doubts about whether it was true or if it'll work for them. Today all the student who came for studies through ACTLAP are very glad that they did.
Every reunion of Friends of ACTLAP all the students are present to share experiences together and catch up on different interests.
ACTLAP Hostel Living (Ask for the ACTLAP Accommodation Subsidy)
When Bola Kayode came for studies she was not sure what to expect at the ACTLAP hostel and it's living experience. The place to her was truly a home away from home.  “I was kind of skeptical since it was not back home. I thought it'll be like a hotel. I don’t like the formality of hotels. I didn’t know how homey I could make it. But they’re pretty open to making it yours,” says Bola, a 20-year-old journalism student from Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
Students in Centennial College's residence
The joys of residence life.
Bola says she likes the sense of security that comes with living and socializing with other students. “I feel safer here than I would some places. You hear a lot of things, like it’s a rough neighbourhood, but we travel together. Thirty of us will go to the bar down the street,” she says.
Graduation Photos (This could be you)

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