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Hunger Facts

The child poverty rate jumped from one in four in 1990 to one child in three in1995. The number of children living in poverty increased by 73%

From 1995 to 1998 the child poverty rate remained at one child in three and the number of children who are poor increased by 7%.

From 1995 to 1998 the number of families with children who are poor increased by 6%.  One quarter of the city’s families with children are poor.

Toronto is a major point of entry and settlement for immigration in Canada for many ethno-racial groups. The child poverty rate is extremely as high as 60% to 90%. More children rely on food banks. Three times more go hungry once a week or more.

More children are homeless.  6200 children are in homeless shelters. This is a 130% increase since 1998. The poverty gap has grown every year since 1999. Despite economic growth, more children rely on relief through food banks. At the same time the severity of their need is increasing.  

Over three times more children whose families seek food relief are reported to be going hungry at least one day a week or more.

Deep poverty underlines increasing food bank use.  The average amount of money food bank users have to live on, after paying rent, is $4.95 a day.  Many are forced to choose between feeding their families or be homeless.

It is because of the above statistics that the ACTLAP CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION was established.

ACTLAP recognizes the need for healthy development of children in their early years, and to promote educational success and for the prospect of a productive adulthood. Childcare is both a short and long term, anti-poverty strategy.  

ACTLAP is committed to bringing greater attention to addressing the circumstances of immigrants and refugees children living in poverty

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