Nigeria Overview

Area: 923,768 km2
Capital: Abuja
Republic Declared: October 1, 1963
Population: 148,000,000
Currency: Nigerian naira (₦)
Official Language: English

Nigeria: ACTLAP STRIVE Program

  • In Edo State
  • In Lagos State (Under construction)
  • In F.C.T. Abuja (Under construction)

In Nigeria Program has now kick off in Benin City:

STRIVE - the acronym for Support and Training Results in Valuable Employment and Reintegration. ACTLAP STRIVE is an (ACTLAP) Inc. community program, which is a primarily publicly funded, non-profit Computer, Technology, employment training and placement (Exchange) program.  ACTLAP STRIVE was conceived in response to the overwhelming chronic poverty, gaps, unemployment and technological set backs in Africa due to computer illiteracy that persisted among our youth, women and men in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria, and still exists in disfranchised communities throughout Africa. ACTLAP STRIVES's mission is to prepare, provide Computers and technology training, place and support youth, including Women and Men 16-40 in creating sustainability in this area. In addition, ACTLAP STRIVE's purpose is to demonstrate the impact of additional training and post-placement support on the long-term self-sufficiency among youth 16-40 in Africa. ACTLAP STRIVE's approach will result in getting youth off the streets, Alleviation of poverty and making our Men and Women in African region of Benin City, Edo Sate of Nigeria acquire needed knowledge in computer and technology for the new world Based knowledge for tomorrow’s new job age.

Where - Project Location: Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

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Development of ACTLAP Training Complex in Benin City

ACTLAP is calling on companies who want to get involved in the development and joint partnership for the first ACTLAP Complex in Africa. (Design, construction and developers) contact ACTLAP Head quarters or regional contacts on our web site.