Receiving Computer

We receive computers & computer equipment and distribute them to many of the charitable organizations in your community including schools with needs for non-current computer equipment.

ACTLAP ask every recipients to:

  • pick up or arrange shipping of donated computer equipment
  • pay an administrative fee for each system received
  • issue a thank you letter to the original donor of the computer equipment you have received, and send a copy of it to ACTLAP

Please note that Value of equipment is determined by using the standard ACTLAP Used Computer Evaluator as a guideline.

The first thing to do is apply by completing the online application form which verifies your status as a charitable nonprofit agency*, and allows ACTLAP to analyze your computer hardware and software needs.

Organizations receiving equipment from ACTLAP must be properly registered with the government.

For other Region:

Aslo see the National Computer Leasing Program (NCLP - Nigria)