Board of Directors - USA

The member of ACTLAP in USA consist of men and women who have the utmost interest in the development of our people and Community. They are drawn from various backgrounds. 

ACTLAP in the US is a separate entity from Canadian Charity as it is in other countries. However we are working hard on approval process to operate collectively between Canada and outside Canada.

*Join us and include your names here* Simply send us an email at

Members in USA
No. Name Email Status City / State
1 Mr. Efosa Aguebor Co-Founder - Vice President (ACTLAP USA) Boston / Massachusetts
2 Bevis (Paul) Igbinoba Founder & President (ACTLAP HQ, Canada) (Director, ACTLAP USA) Toronto/ Canada
3 Chief N. I. Isekhure Dir., Patron & Chairman, Board of Trustees (ACTLAP Nigeria, Canada & USA) Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

ACTLAP is calling on all Nigerians, most especially the Edo State people in the United States to Join ACTLAP to collectively seek the development of the ACTLAP STRIVE Benin - We believe this will start to elevate our youth and communities in strengthening the moral fabric and Technological mindset of our young and old people for Benin City.

Please call your coordinator at (617) 331-1408 or (978) 373-7761.

Also see:-Contact us or the Chair of the Board of Trustees (The Isekhure of Benin) Chief N. I. Isekhure