Members in Europe

Community. They are drawn from various backgrounds. 

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Name Email Status City / Country
Mr. M. Ibude ACTLAP Coordinator London / England
Mr. Scottie Davison ACTLAP Coordinator Barcelona / Spain

ACTLAP Launch a 2004 Project to Identify individuals who will like to get involved with the Development of ACTLAP STRIVE Complex in Benin in European Countries.

ACTLAP is calling on all Nigerians, most especially the Edo State people in the Europe to Join ACTLAP to collectively seek the development of the ACTLAP STRIVE Benin - We believe this will start to elevate our people and communities in strengthening the moral fabric and Technological mindset of our young and old people for development and Jobs in Edo State, most especially Benin City.

Please contact or call your coordinator at +34  934492961 or +34  628048660

Please contact us directly to discus this initiative. or Contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees (The Isekhure of Benin) Chief N. I. Isekhure

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