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Computers for ACTLAP National Campaign Initiative


There are thousands of surplus of unneeded used or new or out dated computers, Printers, Hard wares/Software and other Technological Items and accessories in Banks, homes, Governments, private, universities, schools and corporate offices in industrialized countries.  It is the intent of ACTLAP to collect these surplus computers and upgrade them to a minimum standard for the purpose of training and Internet access. Thus enabling their wide use in Canada

Please note that Value of equipment is determined by using the standard ACTLAP Used Computer Evaluator as a guideline.

Computers for ACTLAP (Click Here To Donate Computers and Equipments) or Contact us

The Campaign

Computers for ACTLAP is a unique Program, operating in partnership with the public, private and volunteer sectors, that collects donated new, used computers and refurbishes retired computer technology and distributes it to ACTLAP training centres in Canada, others are donated to Primary, Secondary and kindergarten schools, Public libraries and universities in Africa and other developing countries with demand for them, cost free, to these schools and public libraries.

Since it's creation in 1999 by ACTLAP in Canada, ACTLAP has collected a number of computers from individuals, small business partners such as Dare Foods in Kitchener, ON Canada. Mejilla Chiropractic, with Dr. K. Klover and Dr. Mejilla based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. and Corporations such as LaPage a division of Henkel Canada Ltd. in Mississauga, Ontario Canada etc.

What's it all about

It's about a fundamental belief shared by ACTLAP with businesses and community leaders, governments, educators and parents, that the future economic growth will be based on how well we innovate, adapt to technological change, and take advantage of opportunities to create jobs, self reliance and generate wealth hence alleviating poverty.

It's about a concern that many youths, men and women do not have any or sufficient access to the tools necessary to succeed in an information technology driven world, economy and society.  

It's about addressing that concern by helping our youth get improved access to the technology tools, in their learning environment, and by fostering the development of career oriented technology skills in their daily lives.

It's about the creation of a culture of innovation to encourage our youth to develop the critical science, computer and technology literacy skills required for a competitive workforce.

it's about helping support a practical solution to put more computers into classrooms and to raise resources to help educators take full advantage of the Information Highway and build contents.

Supporting the Computers for ACTLAP National Campaign makes sense for many good reasons. However, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that result from being a campaign supporter. In return for your support you can expect:

* To gain goodwill and recognition for your organization through the use of the Computers for ACTLAP logo and support tag lines on letterhead and in advertising your support of this worthwhile campaign to clients, associates and the general public.

The opportunity to turn a possible year liability into a valuable resource for ACTLAP Literacy and Awareness initiatives.

The assurance of donating to a nationally recognized initiative with legitimate quality standards. The Program adds value to your donated equipment and ACTLAP ensuring you that every computer provided to ACTLAP will be "classroom ready." Should a donated computer malfunction there is no call back to the donor.

An easy decision about how to donate with a reduced administration burden. Your donated equipment is supporting a Program that assures equitable distribution to the ACTLAP Training Centres, Local Schools and public libraries in these areas.

International, State, Provincial and/or national recognition of your company as a "Supporter of the Computers for ACTLAP Program".

A Donation receipt may be available for your donated Equipment.


Please note that support, Partnerships and programs outside Ontario and Canada constitutes  our contacts for our Computer campaign initiative only. For further information contact us