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ACTLAP - is acronym for: African Computer and Technology Literacy Awareness Program.

ACTLAP is a Charity Organization which maintains that a crucial step to have community enhancement and alleviate poverty is through the embrace of technology and active participation in helping the community we live in uniting our youth and their families. Our youth, Citizens, immigrants and refugees have the need, desire and willingness for computer education. They require local experience and computer knowledge, yet they lack the resources and training needed to realize these goals.

In this age of computers, a Computer literate society is in a much better position to find creative solutions to difficult problems than one that is not.

Our mandate is to establish Training Centres and creative programs to address the problem of Computer and Technology illiteracy by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by providing participants with Technological-Equipments necessary to make our communities more productive.

Through ACTLAP CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION (A.C.F.), we provide a knowledge base environment to Children and their families in our communities thereby creating unity and assistant they need the most.

Please note that support, Partnerships and programs outside Ontario and Canada constitutes  our contacts for our Computer campaign initiative only. For further information contact us